SN04 1 Unit Rotatable Paint Organizer Pigment Bottle Spinning Rack Stand Holder

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  • Space-saving design: The spinning paint bottle storage organizer has a compact design that can fit on a desk or table, making it a space-saving solution for artists who may not have a lot of room to store their supplies.
  • Easy access: The spinning design of the storage organizer allows artists to quickly access the paint bottle they need, without having to dig through a cluttered container or drawer.
  • Rotating base: The spinning mechanism of the storage organizer is typically powered by a rotating base that allows the artist to easily spin the storage system with a flick of the wrist. This can make it a convenient option for artists who like to keep their supplies within reach.
  • Durability: The spinning paint bottle storage organizer is made from durable materials, that can withstand regular use. This can provide peace of mind to artists who are concerned about their supplies getting damaged or breaking over time.


  • Size: as the picture shows.
  • Material: ABS and wood and metal.
  • Style: With 81 Slots.(there are 21 slots of each disc)

Package included:

  • One lot Rotatable Storage Rack(all the Paint Bottles are not included,just used to display)
  • It will come in parts.You need to assemble it by yourself.It is easy to finish the assemble.

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