GJ06 1 Set Flocking Machine Static Grass Applicator Scenic Grass Master

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  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • This portable mini flocking machine is lightweight, easy to operate. Circuit inside the handle is with low power dissipation and high voltage output, makes this flocking machine quite strong flocking capacity. Great machine to make grass flocking for construction models.


  • Antiskid handle in suitable size for comfortable grip.
  • Mini flocking machine, handy and portable with artistic shape.
  • Solid and durable ABS plastic material.
  • Strong flocking power.
  • Needs 1 x 9v batteries which are not inlcuded.
  • Great machine to make grass flocking for plantings models, landscape models, construction models.
  • Overlong working life with its rechargeable battery design.
  • Total length: Approx. 9.65 inch/24.5cm.
  • Bottle diameter: Approx. 3.15 inch/8cm.
  • Handle diameter: Approx. 1.81 inch/4.6cm.
  • Note: This machine should be kept away from kids in case of electric shock; even adults should take care when using this machine. Please follow the steps and mind the Safety Cautions in the Instruction.
  • Please refer to the Instructions for more detailed information.

Flocking Steps:

  • Put half bottle grass flocking.
  • Put the high-voltage wire hanging on the bottle mouth so that it connects with the wire netting and thus in an energization state.
  • Coat with gluewater on the surface where you want to flocking.
  • Insert the ground wire into a place near the flocking surface.
  • Slide the power switch on.
  • Press the operation button and wave up and down.
  • Grass flocking will fall down vertically with the static.
  • Grass flocking will vertically and well-proportionedly spread on the glue-coated surface.


  • Device operates with high voltage (5,000 volts).
  • Do not grasp the grille when it is switched on.
  • Do not hold the earth cable on the grid.
  • Keep the appliance dry.
  • Do not open the unit.
  • For adults, not for children under 14 years.

Package included:

  • 1 x Mini flocking machine (Due to road restrictions,batteries are not inlcuded.).
  • 5 packs of grass powder.
  • 2 pieces of sieve.
  • 1 X brush.
  • 1 X power adapter.
  • 1 X English product manual.

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