GJ07 1 Set Portable Static Grass Flocking Applicator Machine

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  • Brand new
  • This portable mini flocking machine is lightweight, easy to operate.
  • Circuit inside the handle is with low power dissipation and high voltage output, makes this flocking machine quite strong flocking capacity.
  • Great machine to make grass flocking for construction models.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Rated working voltage: DC + 3V;
  • Rated working current: 50mA;
  • Rated output voltage: ≥DC3000V;
  • Rated operating power: 0.15W;
  • Need to install two 1.5V batteries (the batteries are not included).


  • Antiskid handle in suitable size for comfortable grip.
  • Mini flocking machine, handy and portable with artistic shape.
  • Solid and durable ABS plastic material.
  • Strong flocking power.
  • Needs 2pcs #5 batteries (1.5V)which are not inlcuded.
  • Overlong working life with its rechargeable battery desig.
  • Note: This machine should be kept away from kids in case of electric shock; even adults should take care when using this machine. Please follow the steps and mind the Safety Cautions in the Instruction.
  • Please refer to the Instructions for more detailed information.

Flocking Step:

  • Put half bottle grass flocking
  • Put the high-voltage wire hanging on the bottle mouth so that it connects with the wire netting and thus in an energization state
  • Coat with gluewater on the surface where you want to flocking
  • Insert the ground wire into a place near the flocking surface
  • Slide the power switch on
  • Press the operation button and wave up and down
  • Grass flocking will fall down vertically with the static
  • Grass flocking will vertically and well-proportionedly spread on the glue-coated surface.

Package included:

  • 4 options, depending on your choice.

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