T0402 20pcs Pre-soldered Micro Litz Wired Leads SMD LED 0402

Emitting Color: Blue
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  • Brand new. Perfect for small models and really tight places!
  • Soldering SMDs is very difficult, but these pre-wired units take all the work out of it for the modeler.
  • This kind of soldering is very extensive and difficult to perform, but is offering maximum flexibility when applying the LED and is ensuring place-saving usage.
  • For optimal insulation with minimal outside diameter and at the same time "water-like" softness, translucent grey stranded micro litz wire with only 0.28 mm in diameter is used.
  • The insulation is made from a highly heat-resistant material with a high Teflon?fraction. That´s why during soldering there is almost no longitudinal shrinkage.
  • The wire length is about 200 mm. For easy recognizable connecting, the Cathode is about 10 mm shorter than the Anode.


  • Size: SMD Led 0402 (1.00x0.50mm). The wire is about 20cm(L).
  • Forward voltage: 1.8V~2.4V, AC or DC Compatible.
  • Forward current (typ/max): 15mA/20mA.
  • Viewing angle: 120

Package included:

  • 20 Pre-soldered with micro litz wired leads RED SMD Led 0402.
  • 20 resistors (not pre-soldered) for 9~18V operation.

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